26 January 2023

Elnusa Contribute to the Success of Finding Oil and Gas Resources in the Kolibri Exploration Well

Jakarta 26 January 2023 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) a Reputable Energy Services Company by Providing Total Solutions incorporated in Subholding Upstream Pertamina, also contributes to exploration activities at the Pertamina Group. One of them, the success of the East Indonesia Regional Subholding Upstream in finding gas and condensate contingent resources from the Kolibri 001 exploration well (KOL-001) at the end of 2022 cannot be separated from Elnusa's role in supporting its exploration activities.

Elnusa Director of Operations Charles Harianto Lumbantobing, thanked the Elnusa Officer team and all parties who had contributed to the successful discovery of oil and gas resources from the Kolibri Well. "Of course, we are proud to be part of the effort in discovering oil and gas reserves in Indonesia to support the achievement of the target of oil production of 1 million barrels per day and gas production of 12 BSCFD in 2030," Charles said.

According to Charles, this success is also a place to prove the superior competence possessed by business units under Elnusa, that the solutions presented by Elnusa can compete both nationally and internationally. There are six service activities in which Elnusa is involved in exploration drilling activities at the KOL-001 Well, namely Drilling Fluid Services, Mud Logging, PPR or Perforation & Pipe Recovery services, Well Testing, Drill Stem Test (DST), and Slickline Services.

"Elnusa's biggest activity is Drilling Fluid Services, then next is Well Testing and PPR. Elnusa will start participating in drilling at Kolibri at the end of June 2022, but before that, we had already started making preparations for this exploration well,” he explained.

This effort needs to be done for engineering to get the right formulation considering the quite complicated challenges of the Tuban Formation where the well is located. Supported by the latest technology and innovation by Elnusa Officers, the quite challenging Drilling Fluid Services activities in the Tuban Formation can be handled properly. This mud service uses a High-Performance Water Based Mud (HPWBM) system which is an innovation from Elnusa's subsidiary, Elnusa Petrofin. HPWBM when viewed from a cost perspective tends to be 30% more efficient but takes longer in terms of time.

Previously, the Tuban Formation usually used Oil Based Mud (OBM). "Through this innovation, Elnusa can prove that the HPWBM system can work well in the Tuban Formation which is very reactive and challenging when using water-based." he continued.

Through the PPR service, perforations are carried out to open formations with the right equipment placement and sufficient penetrating power so that the resulting perforations can penetrate the casing, cement, and formations so that the hydrocarbons can flow to the surface. Another innovation is in well-testing activities, using both downhole and surface equipment technology which can operate in an environment containing highly hazardous gases, namely a maximum of 0.5% for H2S and 25% for CO2.

From the operational side, Elnusa also continues to actively communicate and coordinate with Pertamina EP as a client to expedite all exploration drilling activities carried out. Charles explained, every day there is always a morning meeting before work to find out what obstacles occur and what the solutions are. In addition, there is also coordination through digital applications, so that various kinds of information between service companies and client companies can always be updated which in turn can facilitate exploration findings.

Regarding the findings of oil and gas resources in the KOL-001 Well, Elnusa hopes that these results can be immediately followed up to the development stage so that they can finally be monetized through production activities so that they can contribute to increasing national oil and gas production. Elnusa is also ready to be involved in the next stage in the development of oil and gas resources from the Kolibri Well.

"So Total Solution Services from Elnusa. If this well is to be produced, it will need a pipeline, Early Production Facility (EPF), to production facilities which of course can be assisted by Elnusa who already has experience in the Kolibri Well so that she can do work there based on competency." closed Charles.

Meanwhile, East Indonesia Regional VP Explorations Dedi Yusmen said that the KOL-001 well, based on the results of a post-well testing study, had the potential for hydrocarbons from the well located in Bondol Village, Ngambon District, Bojonegoro Regency, East Java. "In the future, the production of KOL-001 will certainly add to Pertamina Group's contribution in maintaining the sustainability of the national upstream oil and gas sector." This success, continued Dedi, cannot be separated from the good collaboration between Elnusa, the East Indonesia Region, and various other functions such as Exploration, Drilling, HSSE, and Relations.

"I appreciate Elnusa's performance for its contribution in supporting the work program in the Eastern Indonesia Region, especially the Kolibri Well," he said.

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