11 November 2022

Elnusa Consistently Held Vendor Annual Meeting (VAM) & Elnusa Contractor HSSE Meeting (Encore)

Jakarta, November 11, 2022 - PT Elnusa (Tbk), a leading energy services company that provides total solutions, is again holding a Vendor Annual Meeting (VAM) & Elnusa Contractor HSSE Meeting (Encore) 2022 by presenting 83 Partners supporting Elnusa's operations offline in the Udaya Room , Graha Elnusa on (09/11), as well as inviting 800 Business Partners to attend via Live Microsoft Teams & Elnusa Official Youtube.

This event was held to strengthen the main business and to expand into other potential businesses. Elnusa also continues to make improvements, new breakthroughs in the provision of work materials and equipment, and efforts to improve the management of HSSE aspects, one of which is through the management of the Work Partner Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS). So of course, Elnusa needs strategic support from partners from various aspects to support the achievement of future targets.

Also present were Elnusa Director of Operations Charles Harianto Lumbantobing, Director of HR & General Affairs Tenny Elfrida, Director of Business Development Ratih Esti Prihatini, Management of Elnusa and Elnusa Subsidiaries, Business Partners and invited guests.

Elnusa Director of Operations Charles Harianto Lumbantobing, said that in carrying out optimal business performance, Elnusa requires the best support from all Work Partners, complete interaction and understanding between Elnusa and all Work Partners according to the rules that apply at Elnusa. "Elnusa also upholds the AKHLAK Values ​​as a guide for all employees to implement and shape the company's work culture," said Charles.

Charles also reminded that to achieve the national oil and gas production target in the oil and gas industry, many operational activities, especially at Elnusa, have a high risk of accidents involving work partners. For this reason, Business Partners must be able to fulfill and run the CSMS.

"The implementation of CSMS Full Cycle is carried out thoroughly to monitor and ensure that Partners' HSSE performance remains good and meets predetermined standards and can minimize work incidents or accidents," said Charles.

Elnusa also strengthens business processes by implementing digitalization in various ways, especially in the process of procuring goods and services. To increase efficiency, auditable and transparency.

This agenda went smoothly and brought together the entire team involved in the procurement process for goods and operational support services to present the material. Starting from the video screening of the Company Profile of Elnusa and its Subsidiaries as standard information on procurement and operational support, socialization of the business outlook for Elnusa 2023, socialization related to business processes currently applicable at Elnusa using the SCM digitization system, socialization of financing facilities that can be used by Business Partners who have become Elnusa's Approved Vendor List (AVL), presentation of tax-related material, HSSE Talkshow related to the Illness fatality prevention program and socialization of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) which includes moral values.

On that occasion, Elnusa also gave VAM & ENCORE Awards 2022 as a form of appreciation to Work Partners which were divided into 6 categories including VAM consisting of 2 categories, namely The Best Performance Category Services and The Best Performance Category Material. Furthermore, the Encore Awards consist of 4 categories, namely The Best Contractor in CSMS for Upstream – Geoscience & Reservoir Services Operation, The Best Contractor in CSMS for EPC – OM Operation, The Best Contractor in CSMS for Upstream – Oil Field Services Operation & The Best Contractor in CSMS for Operations Support.

This series of events ended with the signing of a commitment with partners regarding the implementation of HSSE by Elnusa Management and representatives of Partners. This signing is a symbolic form of the commitment of Elnusa and its Partners to always prioritize the HSSE aspect and active participation of Work Partners through programs run by HSSE Elnusa.

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