10 September 2021

Elnusa Conducts MWT in HWU Project EHR 10 & 11 as HSSE Commitment

Jakarta, 10 September 2021 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) has consistently held Virtual Management Walkthrough (MWT) activities in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic (10/09). MWT is a form of concern and vigilance towards the Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE) factor in Elnusa's work environment. This time the MWT was carried out for the HWU EHR - 11 & 10 Pertamina Hulu East Kalimantan (PHKT) Project. Two-way communication between Management and Officers in the field is focused on ensuring that HSSE policies are well understood and implemented by Elnusa Officers and this is also Elnusa Management's HSSE commitment.

The event was chaired by the Director of Operations and Director of Business Development Elnusa Rony Hartanto, and attended by Client representatives from PHKT - Sugiyatno, VP of Human Capital Elnusa - Agung Wahidin, GM of GDA Marine & TZ Elnusa - Henry Luqman, SM of Asset Reliability & Productivity POMS Elnusa - Lulut Sugianto, VP of Oilfield Services Elnusa - Pujiady Ananda Pratama, VP of HSSE Elnusa - Ramon Arias Pili, Corporate Secretary of Elnusa - Ari Wijaya and other members of Elnusa's management.

In his remarks, Rony Hartanto expressed his appreciation for the hard work of all employees which can be seen through the HSSE record which is quite encouraging. In addition, Ronny also reminded all related functions in the field to increase AKHLAK awareness which had been echoed in the last few months.

“We must complete the work entrusted by the customer safely, on time, and provide benefits. Competence also needs to be improved and maintained. The relationship between functions must also always be harmonious. Don't forget to be loyal to customers, companies, and Indonesia. All changes must also be responded to quickly with Adaptive, improvisation and innovation must be carried out at all levels. Lastly, a collaborative attitude must also be manifested in the company's relationship with stakeholders," he said.

On this occasion, there was also a presentation of work activities and HSSE Performance by the Assistant Manager of HWU Elnusa - Armin. There are five Top Risk Assessments in the HWU EHR-11 & 10 project area, including Lifting Operation, Pressure, Electrical, Working at Height, and Fire. “We have socialized and implemented various preventive measures during project implementation. The daily checklist and maintenance are also disciplined every day," said Armin.

The entire management of Elnusa appreciates the hard work of the entire Field Team who succeeded in carrying out the project faster than the initial plan. There are several notes related to vaccination activities that must be intensified again to reduce the risk of severe symptoms and accelerate herd immunity.

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