20 March 2023

Elnusa Conduct Joint Sharing Session (JSS) - HSE Operation Special Edition in 2023

Jakarta, March 20, 2023 - Elnusa is carrying out a Joint Sharing Session (JSS) - HSE Operation Special Edition in a hybrid manner in 2023, with the theme of Becoming a Professional and Competent Elnusa HSSE Officer. The JSS program is a follow-up to the HSE Operation Team's initiation program in 2022 which will be continued in 2023 by expanding the membership and scope of JSS resource persons. The purpose of this JSS program is as a means of online knowledge sharing regarding the operational introduction of a work unit where the HSE Officer's operation knowledge is limited (according to assignments in the work area & division) and also efforts to make all Elnusa HSE Officers have integrated knowledge, competence and professionalism.

This year the JSS program is made even further in scope, by involving Elnusa's subsidiaries in it and the target participants are not only HSE Officers, but also Elnusa officers from other divisions such as the Strategic Planning & Corporate Management Team. Apart from that, there were several JSS sessions that were made with different versions, such as podcasts or live editions and also invited speakers from outside the Elnusa Group.

This event was moderated by HSE Operation Senior Manager Elnusa Agus R Sutiawan. The speaker in this session, former Pertamina HSSE Senior Vice President and General Manager MLN Field O&G PT Pertamina Algeria EP - Algiers) Deddy Syam, on this occasion said "There are 3 roles in the HSSE function. The first is as a Facilitator, an HSSE must be able to bridge the needs of operations to achieve operational excellence and maintain HSSE performance. The two roles of HSSE are as Expert Resources, HSSE must have adequate understanding in terms of regulations, existing laws and applicable HSSE standards. While the third is Assurance, namely as HSSE we are obliged to provide or ensure that the operations carried out are in accordance with procedures and have been properly mitigated, by ensuring that everything is covered and properly mitigated, it will certainly provide a sense of security and confidence that the operations carried out are safe. Of course, if these three roles are running well, the hope of creating a safe and secure work environment will be achieved by all of us, especially in the Elnusa environment", concluded Deddy.

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