08 September 2020

Elnusa Completes 2D Ocean Seismic Survey Services in Saumlaki

Jakarta, 8 September 2020 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero), recorded another record for completion of 2D marine seismic survey services in Saumlaki Waters, on Saturday (5 / 9). The survey was conducted again using Elsa Regent for West Yamdena. Previously, Elnusa had just completed the Jambi Merang KKP project, which was an effort to discover Indonesia's oil and gas giant discovery, in early August yesterday.

Elnusa's Head of Corporate Communications, Wahyu Irfan said, “The 2D Ocean seismic survey service work done by Elnusa has recorded a record of zero down time and zero accident. The survey went smoothly, the completion of the work was faster than the targeted time. The total length of the track that was successfully completed reached 100.21% of the target of 1366 km. "The

completion of this good job is the addition of a positive record of seimic surveys using Elsa Regent. Until now, Elsa Regent is the most sophisticated seismic vessel with the Indonesian flag, which is headed and manned by 100% Indonesian men and women.

The advantage of Elsa Regent compared to other Indonesian flagged seismic vessels is that it is equipped with 12 streamers with a length of each streamer reaching 10 km so it is ideal for conducting seismic survey work in large and deep ocean areas, capable of producing 3D seismic images of the subsurface with very high quality and accuracy. high, able to record data when turning so that it is time and cost efficient, data recording can be done continuously and can produce raw data that can be processed directly further.

Since its inaugural voyage at the end of 2016, Elsa Regent has conducted many marine seismic surveys in various blocks in Indonesia and abroad, with clients both from within and outside the country. "The completion of this work adds to clear evidence that Elnusa is superior and trusted in seismic survey services. Both at home and abroad, Elnusa can make a positive contribution, "added Wahyu.

In the marine seismic survey Elnusa not only has Elsa Regent, but ocean bottom nodes (nodal) which is a seismic survey technology that is able to capture types of seismic waves from various directions. The addition of this technology is to complement Elnusa's capabilities in seismic data acquisition services both on land, transition zone and sea, according to the data required.

At this mature age of Elnusa, Elnusa is increasingly confident to give the best contribution in supporting national capacity by always providing energy services through Total Solution Services.

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