06 December 2020

Elnusa and ESDM Research and Development Synergize to Support Domestic Energy Security.

Elnusa continues to work together in supporting domestic energy security. Elnusa and ESDM Research and Development for Advanced Indonesia. Through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the ESDM research and development agency (R & D) regarding "Geotechnical Activities by Utilizing ESDM Owned Vessels". 

Elnusa continues to contribute positively in strengthening energy resilience. Armed with competence and long experience in seismic surveys in Indonesia and abroad, #Elnusa collaborates with the Center for Research and Development of Marine Geology (P3GL), an institution under the Research and Development Center for Energy and Mineral Resources which owns the Geomarin III research vessel. 

This signing also shows a strong synergy between state institutions and industry to strengthen domestic energy. It is hoped that this MoU will make Elnusa and P3GL more active in exploring seismic survey markets both domestically and internationally.

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