30 May 2023

Elnusa Achieves Brilliant Achievements at the 2023 APQ Awards

Jakarta, 30 May 2023 - PT Elnusa Tbk (ELNUSA), succeeded in achieving a proud achievement at the 2023 APQ Awards event. The innovations of Elnusa's officers were able to win 4 gold titles and 3 silver titles at the event.

The purpose of holding this event is to achieve sustainability innovation with an orientation towards validating value creation and giving appreciation to quality drivers in the Pertamina Group.

The APQ Awards 2023 is an event for conferring the implementation of the quality agenda in particular the implementation of the 4 Pillars of quality management to Quality Personnel within the scope of the Pertamina Group. The APQ Awards is an annual agenda of the QMS Function which has been running since 2010. This year is the 13th year the APQ Awards have been held.

With this result it is clear evidence that Elnusa Officers are always ready to produce innovations and works for the Company. Elnusa continues to improve and prepares to take part in the upcoming innovation competition.

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