12 December 2019

Elnusa Achieved PGE Appreciation for Supporting the Success of Geothermal Well Workover

PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a national company providing total energy services solutions, won an award from PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) for its hydraulic workover or rework well services provided. This award is an acknowledgment of the superiority of Elnusa’s services in supporting the success of the PGE geothermal well workover. The award was given directly by PGE Managing Director Ali Mundakir to Managing Director Elnusa Elizar P Hasibuan, in the PGE 13th Anniversary event, in Jakarta, today (12/12).

In the oil and gas sector, a hydraulic workover unit is one of the tools commonly used for reworking wells. Equipment is used to maintain the well’s performance so that it can produce as expected. In the geothermal field, this equipment can be used for various things. One of them is supporting the work of geothermal wells.

Elnusa President Director Elizar P Hasibuan stated, “This award is an acknowledgment of Elnusa’s hydraulic workover competency and excellence. This is also proof that we are not only competent in oil and gas services, but also other energy services. “

Elnusa has provided hydraulic workover services and supported an increase in Indonesian oil and gas production since 1984. Meanwhile, cooperation with PGE to support the success of geothermal well workover has been initiated since 2018 and until now. The collaboration began with the work of reworking the well in Kamojang, West Java. Then proceed to the work of replacing well wells in the Hululais region, Bengkulu.

“We hope this cooperation can continue to be improved. Because not only hydraulic workover services, various other Elnusa service advantages can support clean energy production in Indonesia. We hope to continue to support efforts to increase production of clean energy for a better Indonesia, “added Elizar.

Elnusa has been active in energy services for 50 years. For more than 35 years, Elnusa has supported maintenance and increased production of Indonesia’s oil and gas fields. Currently, Elnusa has 14 hydraulic workover units.

“With our competence, long experience and capacity, we are the market leader in hydraulic workover services in Indonesia,” concluded Elizar. *

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