16 June 2022

Elnusa, a Leader in Energy Services

Jakarta, 15 June 2022 - Fifty-two years since PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa IDX: ELSA) has gone through a long journey that started as a shipping electronics service company, has now transformed into a leading energy services company in Indonesia. Various challenges of changing times and the crises that confronted forced the Company to continue to make changes for the better.

Elnusa's Corporate Secretary, Asmal Salam said "Along with the company's business growth which is dynamic and full of challenges, Elnusa is currently focused on promoting the Total Solution principle. The application of this principle is of course aimed at strengthening Elnusa's positioning which is always evolving in an adaptive manner.”

Asmal added, "In the midst of rising world oil prices and along with the improving Indonesian economy, we are optimistic that this will encourage activities in the upstream oil and gas sector so that it can have a positive impact on Elnusa's productivity going forward. The Company consistently maintains its performance through optimizing its portfolio diversification strategy. Through this diverse portfolio diversification, the Company is committed to supporting the transition of fossil energy to renewable energy (EBT), supporting the development of new and renewable energy through digital transformation, continuing to innovate in creating a sustainable business, and balancing portfolios to support each other from business dynamics to achieve higher growth rates going forward.” Asmal said.

For upstream oil and gas services, Elnusa is currently working on a 1000 Km Java Vibroseis 2D Seismic Survey and will continue until next September, in addition Elnusa is also working on a 3D Seismic Survey in Sumatra and 2D Seismic OBN Acquisition, Processing & Reprocessing of Southern Area Data. In EPC-OM Services, they carry out subsea pipe insertion for the XAP main oil line, mechanical, electrical & instrument maintenance at the BP Tangguh LNG Plant, Operation & maintenance of oil distribution for the Talang Root pavilion and south Palembang, Operation & Maintenance and emergency response - Pertamina Gas Operation Rokan. Then for Oilfield Services, it is stable to carry out workover work, including workover drilling using Hydraulic Workover Drilling in the Mahakam Block, supporting drilling work on exploration wells in the Sanga-sanga area using Rig-EMR01 and getting more optimum in carrying out Drilling fluid services.

In Energy Distribution & Logistics Services for transportation services, Elnusa manages 75 BBM Terminals, 1767 tanker cars, 11 Fuel Filling Stations / Premium Diesel Oil Agents (APMS) and manages fuel transportation to 2185 Pertashops in various regions. Meanwhile, Depo Service manages 28 VHS, 19 Franco, 7 DPPU Aviation and 2 KSO for Adaro and KSO TBBM Tanjung Pandan, manages Mini Depot LPG Amurang, 6 LTSA Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) in various regions, Inline Blending Adaro and manages 1 gas station , 2 SPPBE and 1 SPPBE.

Meanwhile, Oil and Gas Support Services such as Fabrication & Maintenance Services, Elnusa performs equipment fabrication (Hydraulic Rig-14 with 100% independent design, Pertashop & Tank Car) as well as integrated maintenance services. For Marine Support Services, operating 20 marine services units, performing Dredging services in the Mahakam Block and successfully providing Swamp Work Barge for HWU Drilling work. Finally, the Warehouse, Data Management & ICT Services, 100% fully loaded for documents & core storage and general assets, National Data Repository of the Center for Energy and Mineral Resources, integrated oil and gas data management – ​​PUDC and working on an integrated port management monitoring system for Pertamina.

Through its Superior Competencies and the Transformations, Innovations and Achievements that have been achieved, this will serve as a provision for Elnusa's future performance as well as support Pertamina in meeting the government's target of developing new renewable energy or green energy supported by multi-talented quality human resources. Elnusa, who is now a member of Pertamina's Upstream Subholding, sees opportunities for synergy to be wide open and is increasingly optimistic in supporting the Government's program to increase oil production by 1 million barrels per day and natural gas by 12 billion standard cubic feet per day (MMscfd) in 2030. "When oil and gas demand is still greater than supply, then Elnusa's opportunity as an energy service company that increases oil and gas production is wide open. ' said Asmal.

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