11 January 2021

ELBIKE, ELNUSA's Corporate Innovation Work Ready to be Introduced

Jakarta, 11 January 2021 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) AGNI's Corporate Innovation Program, which is expected to accelerate innovation and foster culture and manage innovation in the Elnusa environment with new ways of developing business, is now starting to show its ability to become reliable accelerators through start-ups that are being launched one by one. 

One year running, the AGNI program has spawned four products from 13 teams selected through two batches and the team is called Agniers. Some of these products indeed produce products that are different from the main products of Elnusa's business line as a service company in the energy sector. One of the products that is ready to be introduced is Elbike, which some time ago (23/11) held an internal showcase at Graha Elnusa as an initial introduction. The showcase not only displays product prototypes but also explores feedback in developing the product.

Elnusa's Director of Business Development & Operations, Arief Riyanto said, "I didn't expect Agniers' friends to be able to make attractive electric motorbikes, but later on, the selling price and services offered must be attractive in order to be competitive with those in the market today, and later it is hoped that it can be made into three versions based on the power output produced to suit usability and price ”.

The Elbike team was formed by three young Elnusa workers including Fachrul Muttaqien, M. Reza Falevi and M. Dhea Titis G. Seeing the lack of electric motorbike conversion services and the lack of locally made electric motorbike variants with attractive designs, Elbike sees this as opportunity. Elbike develops products in the form of electric motorbike conversion and modification services, both in the form of kits and the final product of electric motorbikes, and later conventional motorbike users who want to convert their vehicles into electric motorbikes can use Elbike services through a digital platform for design and ordering that has been provided . 

Elbike has several different electric motorbike product designs in each product, the mainstay of Elbike is the ECR-3000 "Bima Enduro" Supermoto Traill Bike and can be driven up to 100 km per hour. In addition, the ECR-1000 “Classic” was inspired by the Harley Davidson Twin Model 10F in 1914 and the ECR-500 “Gorilla” inspired by the Honda Z50 “Monkey” which is currently rising in popularity and is being hunted by motorcycle collectors.

"The motorbike is good, in terms of frame, center of gravity, responsiveness and control, it is on par with big electric motorbikes," said VP Oilfield Services ELNUSA, Rony Hartanto, who was also present at the showcase event and is also a Vespa motorcycle fan.

Elbike will not only provide modification and conversion services, but also plans to collaborate with other AGNI startups, namely EVINE, in terms of integrated services for fast charging and battery management.

Other start-up products that are currently being launched and open to synergize with Pertamina Group and other externals include PROOF, Job Posting Platform; SOEPPLY, B2B Marketplace Platform; EVINE, fast charging station & battery management service. 

"We really encourage Agniers friends to collaborate in product development, not only with fellow agniers, but also other startups outside Elnusa, so that product acceleration is optimal," said AGNI Manager, Deny Christian.

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