24 July 2023

A Real Form of Blue Carbon Ecosystem Rehabilitation, EFK Plants 41 Mangrove Tree Seeds

Monday, 24 July 2023 - PT Elnusa Fabrication Construction (EFK), a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk, planted mangroves as a concrete manifestation of carbon ecosystem rehabilitation in Indonesia to preserve the environment. A total of 41 mangrove tree seedlings were planted in the Angke Kapuk Natural Tourism Park area, Jakarta, Saturday (15/7).

Mangrove planting carried out by EFK is one of the Joint (Moving and Sharing Benefits) programs for Indonesia, namely Green Care. This program is carried out to coincide with the commemoration of World Mangrove Day which will fall on July 26. EFK Officer volunteers took part in the planting action as one of the contributions to reducing carbon emission levels.

The choice of mangrove planting is based on the active ability of mangroves to absorb carbon so that they have great potential to achieve Net Zero Emissions on 2030.

This activity is a concrete form of EFK's concern for environmental issues that occur in Indonesia. EFK realizes that a well-maintained environment can support its business performance to grow.

The planting of 41 mangrove tree seedlings is a symbol of EFK's 41st year of involvement in the field of energy services in Indonesia.

Aswin Archy Saputra, Communications & Community Relations Analyst expressed his hope that EFK's contribution will have a positive impact on the environment and society.

"This planting activity is expected to restore the mangrove ecosystem so that its functions and benefits can take place properly, such as reducing carbon emissions, reducing water pollutants, and preventing abrasion. Apart from that, I hope this program can be sustainable so that the benefits generated will have a bigger impact on Indonesia," said Aswin.

Protecting the environment is the responsibility of all of us to create a healthy environment and a prosperous society. Through this, EFK will continue to play an active role in upholding a commitment to an environmentally friendly work environment in achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions on 2030. [EFK]

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