13 January 2023

Education on Energy Services, Elnusa Receives Visits from ITB Students

Jakarta, 16 Januari 2023 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa, IDX: ELSA), a leading energy services company, received a visit from the Petroleum Engineering Student Association 'PATRA' Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) at Graha Elnusa, Jakarta on Monday (16/1).

The event with the theme "EXPEDISI PATRA" began with a presentation about Elnusa's company profile by Elnusa's Corporate Secretary Asmal Salam, followed by the presentation from Elnusa's Strategic Marketing Manager Mohammad Fahran Irsadi regarding Elnusa's Business & Technology. Afterwards, the Human Capital Department also explained about the recruitment process at Elnusa was delivered by Recrutiment Analyst Wiwit Puspita Ratih, as well as a sharing from alumni of PATRA ITB Patria Aswendra about working at Elnusa

This activity aims to build good relations between Elnusa and the Petroleum Engineering Student Association 'PATRA' ITB. In addition, this event was also an educational event for Elnusa regarding the world of energy, especially regarding petroleum. Elnusa's Corporate Secretary Asmal Salam said "Many alumni from ITB petroleum work at Elnusa or Pertamina Group and also makes a good contribution to the company. Through this event, we can open a network for ITB students" said Asmal.

It is hope that this activity will provide students with a general description of Elnusa's core competencies and capabilities as an energy services company as well as updates regarding technology as well as the distribution of maps of energy services jobs that Elnusa is currently working on.

Apart from that, this activity also expected to be a good first step for students who will later enter the world of work through tips & tricks for compiling summaries or personal data, especially for future candidates Elnusa officers.

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