Drilling Fluid Services

Accurate, Safe & Effective

Elnusa Drilling Service is the only mud service from Indonesia that has succeeded in carrying out drilling mud engineering services of the profile Extreme HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) Well in North Sumatra. Elnusa’s Drilling Fluid Service supports the industry players, especially those engaged in oil and gas production. The service is ready to assist oil and gas production businesses in designing, engineering and calculating fluid characteristics that indicate the level of safety and effectiveness of drilling operations based on various properties, such as mud weight, rheology, filtration test, retort test, ES, WPS. Elnusa has various mud products such as Water Base Mud, High Invhibitive Water Base Mud and Oil Based Mud. Supported by laboratory equipment, Liquid Mud Plants and reliable Human Resources. Elnusa’s Drilling Fluid Service provides mud analysis process services, which range from cutting reference data and mud programs, to software evaluations, mud proposals and monitoring wells.