Drilling Fluid Engineering Services

Comprehensive and Integrated

With its notable experience under its belt, Elnusa has built portfolios in WBM Polyamine base drilling fluid services in the Cisubuh and Cibulakan Formations in the Java area (Up to 1.67SG, 270 deg F). Also included in the Company’s portfolios is the HTHP OBM drilling fluid services to support the Exploration Well drilling program in the Baong Shale Formation (North Sumatra). With high-pressure and temperature resistance (Up to 2.20SG, 10,000 psi, 400 deg F), this service provides drilling fluid, including formulation, and provides mud engineering as well as ensuring chemical drilling fluid supply to industrial contractors (K3S) in a project. Elnusa has developed a formulation of drilling fluid services to support the drilling program, both the Water Base Mud KCl/Polyamine base and the High-Pressure High-Temperature (HTHP) Oil Base Mud. Currently, Elnusa provides drilling fluid engineering services to Pertamina EP (Assets 1, Assets 3, assets 4) and Pertamina EP - Exploration.