Drilling Fluid Chemical - QC and R&D Products

Accurate & Quality Supplies

Elnusa has successfully developed drilling fluid materials for the Water Base Mud and Oil Base Mud Systems. Our quality assurance is what has taken us to build outstanding portfolios in providing drilling fluid at the WBM Polyamine base in the Cisubuh and Cibulakan Formations in the Java area (Up to 1.67SG, 270 deg F), as well as in drilling Exploration Well in the Baong Shale Formation (North Sumatra), with high-pressure and temperature resistance (Up to 2.20SG, 10,000 psi, 400 deg F). This is Elnusa’s service that assures quality and supply of drilling fluid chemical (mud) to industrial contractors (K3S) in a project. The scope of such a service includes data collection based on the needs, supply and testing to maintain the quality and control of drilling fluid materials, hence, meeting the API 13A specifications set by the K3S as well as continuously discovering and developing new types of drilling fluid chemical materials for the K3S needs.