Corporate Social Responsibility in the Scope of Responsibility to


As an energy services company, the Company has a broad business segment. This competency covers the upstream oil and gas services segment, energy distribution and logistics services, and supporting services. Depending on the nature of the service company's business, the type of service or work location changes all the time according to the work area of   the consumer or customer. The duration of work time also adjusts to the demand for services expected by the customer. The Company is always expected to provide services that provide solutions to customer problems faster, better, more competitive, more up to date and safer. To answer this challenge, of course, the Company must be able to provide quality improvement services.

Eagerness to provide the best service to customers through improving the quality of this service is the spirit of the Company which is based on the fact that customers are stakeholders who have a strategic role in ensuring business continuity. Customer success is the success of the Company. The realization of this commitment is carried out by the Company by implementing the following policies:

  1. Adopting standards that apply internationally and renewing these standards regularly and periodically
  2. Encouraging continuous innovations in every function of the Company
  3. Implementing socialization, monitoring and evaluation of the quality of the Company’s functions