The quality of the Company’s energy services is the key to customer satisfaction. As such, the Company is committed to providing the best in services. This commitment is based on the fact that customers are stakeholders who have a strategic role in ensuring business continuity. Customer success is equivalent to the company’s success. The realization of this commitment was carried out by the Company by implementing the following policies:

  1. Adopting standards that apply internationally and renewing these standards regularly and periodically.
  2. Encouraging continuous innovation in every function of the Company.
  3. Implementing socialization, monitoring, and evaluation of the quality of the Company’s functions.

Information on Company Services

The Company has three business segments for its energy services. They are 1) Upstream oil and gas services, 2) Energy logistics distribution and services, and 3) Supporting services. Detailed information about these business segments can be found in the Business Section sub-section of the Company Profile chapter. Marketing communication for services is done through various activities and through business-to-business media marketing to customers.

The role of the Company in providing services is done by means of providing professional resources, equipment, and materials needed to provide solutions to customer problems. The Company’s appointment process as a service contractor is carried out in accordance with tender procedures applicable in Indonesia. There have been no incidents of Company non-compliance with regulations on this matter.

Work Program

  1. Project Quality Plan
  2. Continuous Improvement Programs
  3. Implementing Internal & External Audits
  4. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  5. Quality Management Assessment
  6. Knowledge Management