Corporate Logo

The Company’s new logo consists of ‘logogram’ and ‘logotype’.

The basic principle is “circular energy” visualized in the letter ‘e’ which is also the initial letter of the Company’s name, Elnusa, and the Company’s scope of business in the energy sector. The logo takes the structure of a round logogram, meaning dynamic and perfect. As a service company, Elnusa carries a huge spirit and power to dynamically act in responsive, adaptive, and innovative ways to satisfy the customers. Perfection is in the commitment and integrity of Elnusa to contribute to the national development by running an energy business. The configuration of gradation in line thickness on the logogram gives the impression of spinning velocity that articulates its continuous improvement in terms of technology adoption, improvement of human resources quality and generating trusted professionals to help accelerate and develop the business. The color composition on the logogram represents Elnusa’s characteristics and core values: green = Clean; red = Respectful; blue = Synergy.

The word ‘elnusa’ employs font name Frutiger SAIN Bd v.1 typed in lowercase and bold to give an impression of a firm and friendly Elnusa.