Corporate Profile

We are the one and only national company that possesses combined competencies in oil & gas services: seismic, drilling and oilfield. We provide oil & gas services sector possessing strategic global alliances established with world-class oil & gas companies, in compliance with global standards in work safety and environment.

As a part of Pertamina affiliation, our majority shareholder responsible for making what we are today. We possess over 40 years of experience in oil & gas services industry with a clientele that is both multi-national and loyal. We are the market leader in the oil & gas services business with expertise that allows us to penetrate the international market.

Elnusa started as a state-owned oil and gas PT Pertamina’s operations support services company, 1969. Its services include maintenance and reparation of Pertamina’s vessel shipboard electronic communications equipment, navigational equipment, and radar system.

In October 2007, Elnusa yet again restructured itself, this time in an effort to dedicate itself as Indonesia’s first integrated upstream oil and gas services company, providing dedicated 1-stop services in Indonesia upstream oil and gas services industry. Aside from horizontal consolidation, Elnusa’s oil and gas services business affiliations were consolidated into its corporate structure as well. PT Elnusa Tbk. was officially listed at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (Bursa Efek Indonesia) on 6th February 2008. With its own brand of professionalism, transparency, management and clean & trustworthy business ethics, PT Elnusa Tbk. was ready then to take on challenges, nationally, regionally and internationally. Today, PT Elnusa Tbk. is the leader in oil & gas services sector serving both national and multi-national clientele.

Oil and Gas Services are:

Geophysical Data Services >> processes and stores data obtained by seismic-based methods and equipment employed and operated on land, in the transition zone (shallow water/mangroves) and the deep sea.  Being the pioneer in geophysical data services in Indonesia, we control major of geophysics operations in Indonesia.

Oil and Gas Drilling Services >> provides a drilling solution which includes drilling management, drilling equipment procurement and provision. In 2009, Elnusa’s Drilling Division was proud to own and operate Asia Pacific’s first Quick Silver Modular Rig.

Oilfield Services >> operates and maintains oil & gas fields and wells, EPC-M, O & M pipelines and production facilities, oil & gas production handling and land drilling support services such as wireline logging, cementing and oil & gas well testing, and products evaluation service.

Support Businesses >> are services that complement our oil & gas services, consisting of data management and telecommunications services, all of which are operated by the following business subsidiaries and affiliates.