Corporate Culture and New Logo

Integrated And Harmonious Combination Of The Company’s Values

The Company aligns the Elnusa Value with the AKHLAK values which are derivatives of the main values or core values of State-Owned Enterprises which are used as the corporate culture of the Parent Company PT Pertamina (Persero).

Corporate Culture is an integrated combination of the spirit and principles that must be possessed by Elnusa officers, that is : 

Personal Ethos


Described as a trait that must be possessed by all employees as individuals including "Working with Passion, Working with Love & Working Smart".

Operation Excellence


Described as a culture that must be possessed in carrying out work includes "HSE is My Culture, Equipment is My Life & Cost Awareness is My Attitude".

Management Style


Described as a trait that must be possessed by the management in the Company including "Manage with Knowledge, Manage with Speed, and Manage with Gut".

Elnusa Logo composed by  ‘Logogram’ and ‘Logotype’



The basic idea is "circular energy" which is visualized in the form of letter "e" as the initial letter of the Company's name that is Elnusa and the scope of the Company's business namely energy services. The structure of the logogram is round, meaning dynamic and perfect. Elnusa as a service company has a great passion and strength that dynamically behaves responsive, adaptive, and innovative to meet customer needs and satisfaction. Perfect is Elnusa's commitment and integrity to develop the country through the energy services business. The configuration of the gradation of the thickness of the line on the logogram creates the impression of a rotating speed that articulates continuous improvement in technological mastery, increases the quality of human resources and produces trusted professionalism to accelerate business growth and business development. The logogram's color composition reflects Elnusa's characteristics and core values: green = Clean; red = Respectful; blue = Synergy



The typography of 'Elnusa' uses the font Frutiger sain Bd v.1 in lowercase and bold, this gives the impression of Elnusa as friendly and decisive.