30 July 2021

Corporate Communications Elnusa Holds First Coordination Meeting with Subsidiaries

Jakarta, 30 July 2020 - Elnusa's Corporate Communications function held the virtual inaugural Coordination Meeting (Rakor) for two days on Wednesday (28/07) and Thursday (29/07) with Corporate Communications Subsidiaries. This coordination meeting discussed the achievement of performance in semester 1 as well as the alignment of the Corporate Communications work program within the Elnusa Group. Participants are also given the opportunity to take part in Upskilling training on effective content writing techniques.

The event was opened directly by the Corporate Secretary of Elnusa, Ari Wijaya. Ari said that in the future there is a need for synergy between subsidiaries in carrying out the role of Corporate Communications as the frontline for achieving company goals. "We hope that we can activate the role of social media to show the company's capabilities to the public, shareholders, and other stakeholders," he said.

On the first day, the agenda discussed was related to Internal Communications strategy, followed by External Communications and closed with a discussion of Brand Communications. These 3 key messages were conveyed by Jayanty Maulina as Acting Manager of Corporate Communications Elnusa. Other discussions were also carried out including discussions and lessons learned in media relations and social media as well as reviewing the reference strategies used by Elnusa at this time.

Meanwhile, on the second day, the activity continued with Upskilling "Effective Content Writing". One of the speakers from the Editor of the Energy Investor Daily Desk, Euis Rita Hartati gave a presentation on making an informative press release worthy of broadcast. Through this training, it is hoped that all communication functions within the Elnusa Group will be more competent in writing content quickly, densely, and accurately.

“Collaboration is everything. As a communication function, we aim to be active, creative, and perform well-programmed collaboration between subsidiaries. Program integration must also be carried out for sustainable efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve these goals, let's be open to each other and eliminate the gap between us because we are one Elnusa. We believe the essence of this collaboration will bring great energy for better communication at our beloved company Elnusa," said Jayanty.

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