15 July 2022

Consolidation of AoC Elnusa Group: Increasing Collabo for the Implementation of AKHLAK Value

Jakarta, July 15, 2022 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) has held a Consolidation and Collaboration of Agent of Change (AoC) Activity for AKHLAK Elnusa Group Values in the Executive Room, 17th Floor of Graha Elnusa (13/7).  The AoC team consisting of all Directors of Elnusa & Subsidiaries, Management, and Culture Change Agents representing each function formed as Elnusa's initiative to accelerate the internalization of AKHLAK Values within the Elnusa Group.

The formation of the technical team began with the implementation of the first AKHLAK Talk and Grow in Friday (TGIF) internalization program in January 2021. As time goes by with the increasingly massive internalization program rolled out, the existing technical team was formed through the order of the Director of HR & General Elnusa to become the internalization team of the AKHLAK Elnusa Group Values System on March 22, 2021. Not only stopping there, at the direction of PT Pertamina (Persero), Elnusa again formed the existing AKHLAK Value System Team to become the AoC Team through the Order of the President Director of Elnusa on August 22, 2021.

To strengthen the acceleration of the implementation of the AKHLAK Value System in Elnusa Group, the AoC Team was expanded by involving Partners and was ratified through the Elnusa HR & General Director's Order on March 29, 2022, so that overall the existing AOC Elnusa Team, Subsidiaries, and Partners currently number 203 Officers.

From 2021 until now, the AoC Team has actively organized various internalization programs for AKHLAK Values including, TGIF, AKHLAK Socialization & Cascading Communications, Serum 135, AKHLAK Moment, ELSA Journo, AKHLAK Corner, Life at Elnusa to AKHLAK Culture Assessment by Subholding Upstream (SHU) in January 2022. In the assessment, Elnusa Group received an average assessment of 3.55 in the Engagement & Commitment category, meaning that the existing culture has begun to be structured and the implementation of culture has shown performance achievements that have begun to become a reference for Subsidiaries and other Pertamina units.

Achievements and awards have been achieved by Elnusa Officers through various competition activations held by PT Pertamina (Persero) and SHU. Considered active in carrying out the internalization of the AKHLAK Value System in the Company, Elnusa won the Top Ten Promoter of AKHLAK within PT Pertamina (Persero) in 2021. In addition, Elnusa Officers are also actively participating in the AKHLAK Video Competition held by SHU from 2021 to 2022 and got several champion rankings and won The Most Creative Program in the Lively AKHLAK SHU.

Elnusa's Director of Human Resources &general affairs, Tenny Elfrida in her speech expressed her appreciation to the AoC Team who were willing to work more in accepting the mandate from the Company to become a role models for Elnusa Group Officers. "I hope that the AoC Team will better understand the essence of every core value of AKHLAK and the spirit of the Elnusa AoC Team will continue to live in broadcasting AKHLAK culture so that it can be implemented in work life in everyday life". Tenny said.

IR & Culture Advisor Elnusa, M Bambang Soemitro, who also acts as the Chairman of the AoC Culture Change Leader, conveyed several AoC programs that have been rolled out during 2021 to date as well as the results obtained in the AKHLAK Culture Assessment. "One of the programs that will be carried out in 2022 is the AKHLAK Living Core Values Assessment, an AKHLAK assessment program by Pertamina (Persero) which will later be assessed the implementation of the AKHLAK program by each leader in Elnusa and its Subsidiaries. In this activity, Elnusa has registered 18 Leaders consisting of VP, SM, and Directors of Subsidiaries. Bambang said.

Reiterating the 'Satu Elnusa, Change And Collaboration To Exceed The Target' campaign, hopefully, through various internalization programs the AKHLAK Value System that has been rolled out, it can be a milestone in the spirit to continue collaborating, ready to face future challenges, adapt to changes and have an impact on increasing the productivity of Workers and Companies, which in the end can make the Company's best performance achievements.

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