09 April 2021

Congratulations to Elnusa Officers

Congratulations to Elnusa officers for the achievements obtained in the 2021 Annual Pertamina Quality (APQ) Awards. This event is an annual awarding event for Quality Management management at Pertamina Group. Where this year enters the 11th year of holding the APQ Awards.

Elnusa made it into 4 nominations, namely The Best Komet Influencer, The Best Category Achievement, The Best System Assurance and won the Best Value Creation Achievement category. The Elnusa Officer Team also received 3 Platinum titles and 1 Gold predicate. This is the pride of Elnusa Officers as the record for most achievements during the APQ Awards event. 

Keep burning the spirit to produce real innovation for the company and motherland. Hopefully the active contribution of Elnusa officers will always be an inspiration and new energy in innovation.

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