06 December 2020

Congratulations Perwira Elnusa

Congratulations to Perwira Elnusa for the awards obtained in the Upstream Improvement & Innovation Award (UIIA) 2020. This event is an arena for developing ideas and innovations in the upstream energy services sector. 

Elnusa and its subsidiaries received 10 Gold titles and 3 Platinum titles. This is the pride of the Perwira Elnusa who continues to grow even though he is in the Covid-19 pandemic. This is also clear evidence that Elnusa's performance remains stable in pandemic conditions.

Continue to ignite the spirit to produce real initiatives and works for the company and motherland. Continue to clean up and prepare to take part in higher competitions, the upcoming APQA 2021. Hopefully the active contribution of Elnusa officers will always be an inspiration and a new color in innovation.

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