15 January 2016

COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT: Elnusa Revenue Estimation 2016

The beginning of 2016 has been in the shade with industry’s sustainability turmoil. Nonetheless, we, as the management of Elnusa are still confident facing these challenges refer to our existing  on-hand contract amounted to Rp5,6 trillion which could be monetized approximately Rp3,0 trillion in 2016. We believe, with our balance sheet strength and our credibility on safety performance, project execution & productivity, we will be able to generate additional revenue and resulted to total projected revenue in 2016 not less than 2015 estimation, Rp3,7 trillion.

We highly value your trust to keep investing in our share, however  we also encourage you to make your own deep risk analysis before you take any decision whether to buy, sell or hold.

We as management, are taking all the necessary actions to deliver high value added to all shareholders.

Warm regards,
Management of Elnusa

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