26 November 2019

Collaboration Elnusa and Schlumberger, Strengthen Oil and Gas Service Line

PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), strengthens collaboration with Schlumberger Indonesia (Schlumberger) to build up upstream oil and gas service lines and increase national capacity. The three big goals to be achieved in this collaboration are to answer the various challenges of the times in the upstream oil and gas industry, increase national capacity in upstream oil and gas services & technology transfer in it, and share opportunities & risks to promote mutual growth.

This collaboration between Elnusa and Schlumberger has started 33 years ago. Strengthening the cooperation has been set forth again in the Master Cooperation Agreement (MCA), which has applicated for five years at the end of December 2018. Elnusa and Schlumberger agreed on five cooperative service lines in the MCA, namely reservoir characterization, oil drilling and production, surface production and integrated services.

As a first step, the realization of the MCA has been followed up by both parties through the Master Service Agreement (MSA) wireline service line. The Elnusa-Schlumberger Consortium also entered into a cooperation contract for offshore cementing services in the Delta Mahakam swamp with Pertamina Hulu Mahakam, last October.

As a continuation, Elnusa and Schlumberger agreed to explore mutual collaboration opportunities for service lines to be set forth in various other MSAs. The exploration is being pursued through the Elnusa-Schlumberger Workshop which discusses various possibilities to strengthen service lines, increase national capacity, and improve business processes in various supporting functions, Bogor, last Thursday (11/21).

Elnusa’s President Director, Elizar P Hasibuan stated, “We sincerely welcome this collaboration, because it will certainly provide many benefits for both parties. For Elnusa, this collaboration will certainly improve their competence and abilities, both in terms of assets, employee competencies, business management to business processes. We believe this collaboration will grow and develop Elnusa’s ability in oil and gas services and also to increase national capacity. ”

Managing Director of Schlumberger, Devan Raj added “The collaboration between Schlumberger and Elnusa is not recently, but has been running for 33 years. We hope that this cooperation will continue for a longer time to support the improvement of Indonesia’s national oil and gas capacity. Thank you to Elnusa for this great cooperation. “

Furthermore, Elizar added, “In the midst of the current oil and gas conditions, collaboration is absolutely necessary. Sharing of assets, experience and competence between both sides will certainly make it easier and accelerate the agility of performance in achieving common goals. This collaboration with Schlumberger certainly can also strengthen and increase the confidence of clients that Elnusa deserves to be the next champion oil and gas services in Indonesia. We also commit in being able to provide the best total energy services solutions so that we can support the achievement of oil and gas production and production cost efficiency on a national scale going forward. “

Elnusa, a national energy service company, has carved gold ink for her 50 years of travel with joy and pride, last September. Born as a marine electronic services company, through various innovations, Elnusa was transformed into an energy services company.

In the upstream oil and gas segment, Geoscience & Reservoir (GRS) Elnusa services have successfully conducted seismic surveys with the largest area coverage in Indonesia since 1986. Production, Operation & Maintenance (POMS) services have more than 35 years supported the management of the Mahakam block since Total EP Indonesie until it switched to Pertamina Hulu Mahakam in early 2018. POMS has also drilled 100 wells for VICO Indonesia or which have now been transferred to Pertamina Hulu East Kalimantan and Sanga-sanga. Wireline Logging Electric Services also has more than 30 years of providing oil and gas solutions to Pertamina Group in various working areas. Moreover, Elnusa has also succeeded in becoming a market leader in Hydraulic Workover services in Indonesia thanks to its competence, experience and innovation.

Meanwhile in the energy distribution & logistics segment, Elnusa now manages 43 fuel terminals. Being a national fuel distribution operator, including supporting the achievement of one-price fuel in the region of Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Bali, Nusa Tenggara and other Eastern Indonesia. This segment also manages Solar Oil Sales Agents and Fuel Filling Stations in many remote areas of the country.

The supporting services segment is also create some achievements. Elsa Regent is the most sophisticated seismic ship in Indonesia and is manned by 100% Indonesian and has just completed its first seismic survey in Vietnam. Previously, Elsa Regent has given pride by completing one of the largest seismic seas in Indonesia along the Andaman Waters, Aceh.

The achievement by Elnusa is inseparable from the variety of innovations and creativity that are the key to endurance and success so far. Elnusa is here for the country and awakens national oil and gas capacity. *

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