30 December 2020

Closing the Year 2020 with a Glorious, Elnusa Petrofin Wins a Prestigious Award from BPH Migas

Jakarta, 30 December 2020 - PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN), a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk (Issuer Stock Code: ELSA), closed 2020 with various achievements amid the COVID-19 pandemic. For his best performance efforts, Elnusa Petrofin managed to get several prestigious awards in the 4th quarter of this year from various well-known institutions in Indonesia.

In November 2020 yesterday, Elnusa Petrofin won two awards for the Indonesian Public Relations Award (AHI) for the Most Popular BUMN Subsidiary category in Digital Media 2020 and the Most Popular BUMN Child Leader Category in Digital Media 2020 from the Public Relations Media and Media Public Relations Indonesia Group. As the recipient of this award, PT Elnusa Petrofin side by side with other BUMN subsidiaries including the Pertamina Group.

Towards the end of 2020, Elnusa Petrofin won an award from the Downstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Body (BPH Migas) as one of the companies included in the "5 Falling Business Entities in the Oil and Gas Sector". This award was held on December 8, 2020 and also as the highlight of the 17th year BPH Migas celebration.

The Falling Award is measured based on the Compliance with the Fuel Business Entity Fee Payment. This award is clear evidence of Elnusa Petrofin's contribution to the BBM 1 Price program. Especially with the distribution of Elnusa Petrofin which supports Pertamina (Persero) in meeting the energy needs of the community to the Foremost, Outermost, Disadvantaged (3T) areas.

President Director of PT Elnusa Petrofin, Haris Syahrudin said, “2020 is a very valuable year because it is full of learning and struggle for almost all industries, including us at Elnusa Petrofin. The COVID-19 pandemic makes us have to continue to spur creativity, innovation and our performance both from an internal and external perspective. Alhamdulillah, we always try our best in maintaining and improving the company's performance and other aspects that accompany it. Alhamdulilah, if the efforts we have done throughout 2020 get appreciation from external parties in terms of innovation, environmental and community concern, and compliance with government regulations, "said Haris.

Haris added, "The award received by PT Elnusa Petrofin in relation to BPH Migas is certainly an appreciation for all Elnusa Petrofin people throughout Indonesia who have put all their best efforts into carrying out their work. For the various awards that have been won, hopefully this will be a new spirit for Elnusa Petrofin in carrying out the mandate and also the main provision in facing a better 2021 ".

Dr. Ir. M. Fanshurullah Asa. MT as the Head of BPH Migas said “The big family of BPH Migas congratulates and appreciates Elnusa Petrofin which based on the evaluation results, Elnusa Petrofin is one of the best in reporting and payments to BPH Migas. We hope that in the coming years, Elnusa Petrofin can further improve its performance so that it continues to be one of the mainstay companies in the Pertamina Group family ”.

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