05 October 2021

CIP Elnusa Forum 2021 Involving 1345 Workers

Jakarta, 5 October 2021 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) held a continuous innovation program, the Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) Forum as a manifestation of Elnusa's vision to become a leading energy services company that provides total solution services to be able to give its best services in conducting operational excellence. The theme of CIP 2021 was "One Passion One Vision One Elnusa to Excellence. The Opening Ceremony (22/9) which continued with the presentation of each CIP Group Team until September 23rd and the Closing Ceremony (30/9) was held online and has been assessed on September 24th, 2021.

The challenges of this time and the uncertainty of change make humans adapt quickly. Therefore, continuous improvement is a must to produce operation excellence. The CIP Presentation Forum is a form of effort to explore the potential of Elnusa officers. At this year's CIP forum it produced 242 papers involving 1345 Elnusa officers and Subsidiaries. And 105 papers were selected to be the best. All Divisions and Subsidiaries are considered to be able to achieve the Key Performance Index (KPI) evenly with the total achievement of KPI target of 168%.

Director of Operations and Director of Business Development of Elnusa, Rony Hartanto in the Opening Ceremony expressed his gratitude to Elnusa officers for their support and spirit in succeeding the CIP event. "Our deep appreciation is given to Officer Elnusa, that in the midst of a situation like this is still able to show a new record in innovation. A total of 242 treatises have been created by Elnusa quality officers in 2021. This is a clear proof of quality officers who always want to show their best performance in solving work problems and performance with improvements that produce value creation for Elnusa Group. We hope that the culture of innovation can continue to grow and develop so as to increase sustainable competitive advantage," said Rony.

In closing ceremony, Director of HR & General and Finance Director of Elnusa, Tenny Elfrida said "This year 2021 is the second year in organizing CIP online. But in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic that has not ended did not stop Elnusa officers in innovating. This is shown by the increasing number of innovation papers obtained and became a high record during the CIP Forum," said Tenny.

42 groups that received the title of Gold and through the plenary session of the CIP Elnusa jury, the Top 21 Of The Best Innovation Elnusa 2021 will be considered to represent Elnusa in the CIP Upstream Improvement & Innovation Award (UIIA) 2021 forum at the Upstream Sub holding level at the end of 2021. CIP is expected to not only be able to produce innovations that have commercial aspects but can also continue to be replicated in the long term, and this innovation culture can run sustainably across all lines and be able to provide new spirit in maintaining the sustainability of the Elnusa Group business.

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