Highlight Diversity, Elnusa Holds Youth Oath Ceremony in Traditional Clothing

Jakarta, 28 October 2019 – Located at the Sport Center, Graha Elnusa – Jakarta, PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) ignited the Youth Pledge Spirit through the 91st Youth Oath Commemoration Ceremony. There are unique things that are different from the ceremony in general. The Youth Pledge Ceremony, whose participants consisted of all elements of the employee, wore national traditional clothes from Sabang to Merauke. Besides holding the ceremony, Elnusa also held a series of events with the theme “Different But Still One” such as Talk Show and discussions related to initiatives and real work for the nation, then continued with Religious Studies for Muslims and Christian Religious Studies.

In accordance with the direction of the Minister of Youth and Sports (MENPORA) of the Republic of Indonesia, the theme raised at the commemoration of the Youth Pledge this time is “United We Forward”. This theme was taken to reaffirm the commitment that had been built by the youths pledged in 1928 in the Youth Pledge. That only with unity can we realize the ideals of the nation.

Elnusa’s Managing Director, Elizar P. Hasibuan said that the national traditional clothing used was a symbol of diversity in Indonesia. Through this Youth Oath commemoration ceremony, Elizar also hopes that in the future and in the beloved country, Indonesia will always create a tolerance of diversity and mutual respect for differences for mutual progress.

“I am grateful for all participants of the ceremony from various elements who have made the event a success. Hopefully the spirit of the Youth Oath will continue to surge in the depths of our souls, “concluded Elizar.

Elnusa Consortium with Schlumberger Signs Contract for Offshore Cementing Services Cooperation with PHM

Jakarta, 28 October 2019 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a national energy service provider company, with PT Dowell Anadrill Schlumberger (Schlumberger) signed a cooperation contract with PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam (PHM) for Offshore Cementing services in the Delta Mahakam swamp, last week (10/21). This collaboration is also a synergy between Elnusa and PHM as part of Pertamina Group, which will last for 24 months.

Elnusa’s Managing Director, Elizar P Hasibuan stated, “This collaboration is an effort to increase national oil and gas production and we fully support this effort. What’s more this cooperation is carried out with PHM which is our family also in Pertamina Group. “

This cooperation contract also involves Schlumberger as part of a consortium. This collaboration with Schlumberger is a follow-up to the Master Cooperation Agreement (MCA) at the end of 2018. In the MCA, Elnusa and Schlumberger agreed to optimize each competency and resource in integrated upstream oil and gas services for five years. This agreement covers five service lines, namely reservoir characterization, oil drilling and production, surface production and integrated services.

There are three big goals to be achieved in the MCA, namely increasing national capacity in upstream oil and gas services, transferring the technology in it, and sharing opportunities & risks to promote mutual growth. Previously, the realization of this MCA follow-up was realized in the Master of Service Agreement (MSA) for wireline and mud-logging services.

Furthermore, Elizar added, “In the midst of the current oil and gas conditions, collaboration is absolutely necessary. Sharing of assets, experience and competence between the two parties will certainly make it easier and accelerate the agility of performance in achieving common goals. We also thank SKK Migas’s procurement and supply chain functions, who have played an active role and are pushing for the full development of this national capacity. “

Elnusa has been operating for more than 30 years in the Mahakam Delta and has been working with PHM since the switch to the management of the Mahakam Block from the previous manager. This competence and experience have been proven throughout the years. Some recent appreciation that was obtained was the appreciation for the zero work time lost due to accident (zero LTI) for Elsa Samudera 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 on 23 October. Obtaining this award is one proof of the superior competency of the services owned by Elnusa.

“We are confident of being able to provide the best total energy service solutions so as to support the achievement of oil and gas production and production cost efficiency at PHM and nationwide,” concluded Elizar. ***

Elnusa Petrofin Inaugurates Modular Tank Facilities and Facilities at DPPU Radin Inten II Lampung

Lampung, October 8, 2019 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) through its subsidiary PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN) together with PT Pertamina (Persero) in order to meet Avtur fuel supply needs in the operational area of Radin Inten II Airport, inaugurated Modular Tank facilities and facilities at the Pertamina Radin Inten II Airport South Lampung Airplane Filling Depot (DPPU).

The inaugurated facility consists of four modular tanks for Avtur storage with a capacity of 50 KL each, so the total storage capacity in the DPPU is 200 KL. EPN has been managing Pertamina’s DPPU on 3500 square meters of land since 2016 with Avtur storage mechanisms using floating tanks, but over time and needs, facilities and infrastructure at DPPU Radin Inten II continue to be developed.

EPN President Director – Haris Syahrudin said the facilities and modular facilities that were inaugurated were the real contribution of EPN in supporting Pertamina to maintain Avtur fuel energy supply especially for airlines which are Pertamina customers and the general public. Haris also hopes that the availability of Avtur, which is maintained, will be able to encourage and increase tourism and economic potential in the Lampung region.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of Marketing Region II Pertamina – Primarini said “The inauguration and addition of facilities at DPPU Lampung is Pertamina’s step in balancing the surge in demand for Avtur fuel at Radin Inten II Airport as well as a form of Pertamina’s synergy with EPN which is the Pertamina group”. Prima also expressed his great appreciation to the entire team involved in realizing facilities and facilities that were qualified in DPPU Radin Inten II. In accordance with Pertamina’s motto for this year’s Advanced Indonesian Superior Energy, Pertamina is committed to maintaining the reliability of Avtur supply and maintaining the quality of its services, concluded Prima.

On the same occasion, the Head of UP Radin Inten II Airport – Asep Kosasih conveyed “With the improvement of DPPU’s facilities, we hope that service to airlines will be even better in the future”.

After the inauguration ceremony, the group that was present also took a direct look at the existing facilities and infrastructure at DPPU Radin Inten II.

Elnusa Golden Energy – Open Charity at Golf Tournament Elnusa 2019

Cimanggis – Depok, 6 October 2019 -  As part of the 50th anniversary, PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) held a golf tournament involving players from Pertamina Group as well as oil and gas industry players as well as Elnusa’s partner in Emeralda Golf Cimanggis – Depok (6/10). The Golf Tournament was joined by 227 participants and was opened by the Managing Director of Elnusa – Elizar P Hasibuan.

On this occasion, Elizar delivered a message to all participants so that the tournament could become a venue for friendship and maintaining the fitness of the players. He also stressed the importance of HSSE in every activity undertaken including when playing golf. The Golf Tournament, which is still in the Elnusa Golden Energy series, is the biggest golf tournament ever held by Elnusa until the age of 50.

Also, the tournament became very interesting by involving Indonesian professional golfer Kevin Cessario Akbar who had bagged a Philippine Tour card. Kevin was revealed specifically to play with participants in the beat the pro challenge. In addition to beating the pro challenge, the tournament also held several challenges such as: eagle challenge and circle challenge. This is something new for players in a golf tournament.

Beat the pro challenge wins in a collective together in the form of a charity voucher. The proceeds from the sale of the collected charity vouchers are allocated directly to the Indonesian Children’s Cancer Foundation (YKAKI) as a form of social care for children with cancer in Indonesia. Elizar added, it’s time we care, share and do something for those who really need our helping hands to reduce the burden on the lives of our siblings, our children who have cancer. Let us accompany and support our children to achieve healing. “Concluded Elizar ***

Elnusa Petrofin Distributes Masks and Holds Free Medical Treatment in Pekanbaru

PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) through its subsidiary, PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN) distributed masks and held free medical treatment on Thursday (26/9), at the EPN TBBM operational office in Sei Siak, Pekanbaru, Riau. This activity is in collaboration with Pekanbaru Awal Bros Hospital as medical staff and provider of medicines needed by the community. This activity was caused by the presence of Forest and Land Fires (Karhutla) that were taking place at several points in Indonesia, one of which was in the forests and lands of Pekanbaru.

More than 600 residents and the EPN Tank Crew (AMT) in the Sei Siak TBBM operational area also participated in the health check, dominated by the elderly, pregnant women, and children. Many people complained about their health such as respiratory problems and eye irritation caused by this smoke and fire. This causes community activities in Pekanbaru to not run as usual.

President Director of EPN, Haris Syahrudin said, “We also feel the public unrest due to the adverse effects of the forest fire. As a form of corporate care and responsibility, we are committed to helping ease the burden on the community with this social action. Judging from the enthusiasm of the community, we are grateful for people’s attention to the awareness of their health that still looks high. Our hope is that this activity will really help ease the burden of the community on treatment, also this region will make a healthy community, and the activity can run normally again.

As a leading energy services company that provides total solutions, Elnusa and its subsidiaries are committed to continuing caring for the people of Indonesia.

Elnusa Achieving Gold in International Event

Jakarta, September 23, 2019 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) is one of the representatives of Pertamina Group to show off at the prestigious innovation event “4th Istanbul International Inventions Fair (ISIF)”. Elnusa managed to get a Gold medal and Special Award in the event which was held on September 17-22, 2019 at the International Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Turkey.

This annual competition and exhibition of innovation is organized by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology, under the auspices of the International Federation of Inventors’ Association (IFIA). This activity was participated by 25 countries such as United Kingdom, Romania, Portugal, Iran, Morocco by involving 300 inventors from companies, researchers and universities in the world.

Elnusa sent the Blue Sea PC Prove cluster and won the Gold & Special Award from the Croatian and Portuguese Associations with innovation in the form of a Boom Crane Smart Basket. This innovation is an increase in the speed of the installation process of the Boom Modular Crane Unit through the manufacture of smart boom basketball in the Total E&P Indonesie modular crane project.

In addition to Elnusa, Pertamina also sent three other clusters, also managed to get an award, namely The Best International Invention Award, one gold medal and two silver medals.

Elnusa VP of Engineering Center & Quality Management, Hera Handayani said, “This award is made as a motivation and encouragement for companies to continue to innovate and improve better, and this makes us more confident in responding to challenges and global business competition”.

Elnusa Signs MOU on Integrity Zone Commitment with KPP Wajib Besar Tiga

Jakarta, September 12, 2019 - Departing from K.R.T Building Radjiman Wedyodiningrat -Jakarta Selatan, PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) a leading Energy Service Company together with the Head of the Tax Office of the Big Taxpayers Three Signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Commitment to the Integrity Zone.

The Head of the Big Three Taxpayer KPP, Raden Setyadi Aris Handono said “the signing of this memorandum of understanding was in the context of building Integrity Zoning (ZI) towards Corruption-Free Areas (WBK) and Clean and Servicing Bureaucracy Areas (WBBM) aimed at realizing good and clean governance. towards tax employees and Elnusa employees who are clean and free of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism (KKN), improve excellent taxation services and improve performance capacity and accountability “.

“KPP Tiga Besar Taxpayer is committed to creating a KKN free area and improving services to taxpayers in a professional and humanistic manner,” said Raden Setyadi Aris Handono.

Elnusa’s Finance Director, Hery Setiawan highly appreciates and fully supports what has been declared, namely the Integrity Zone, the Corruption-Free Zone and the Clean and Servicing Bureaucracy Region.

“Elnusa is ready to work together with the Director-General of Taxes in supporting the commitment and affirmation of this Taxpayer,” concluded Hery.

Explore Multi-Client Seismic Opportunities, Elnusa Signed Cooperation with TGS

Jakarta, 12 September 2019 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a national energy service provider, explores collaboration with various companies to strengthen service competencies and expand its market share. This time, Elnusa cooperates with TGS – NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS), a Norwegian company which is engaged in providing geoscience data worldwide. This collaboration is one of several new business opportunity explorations initiated by Elnusa and signed at Elnusa’s birthday celebration on 9 September 2019.

Elnusa’s Director of Operations, Arief Riyanto stated that, “The purpose of this collaboration is to combine each other’s resources so that it further enlarges opportunities to achieve multicultural projects in the national, regional and international regions. This multi-client scheme is one of the solutions we offer to stimulate the country’s upstream oil and gas exploration activities. Mainly in gross split work areas and offshore areas that have not yet been explored. “

Today, Elnusa is an energy service company with the best competence, technology and experience in Indonesia. Elnusa has carried out a variety of seismic survey services since 1972 and has established itself as a service company with the widest area coverage in Indonesia, including land, transition zones, and the sea. Elnusa’s seismic survey service competence has been recognized abroad. One of them is a seismic marine survey on the Indochina Peninsula for SOCO Exploration (Vietnam) Ltd. Whereas TGS is a provider of initial study data and has a potential multi-client exploration network.

Arief added, “This collaboration is a form of trust of each party to expand its market share. Elnusa is trusted as a seismic survey service provider company that is competent in its field. While TGS plays a role in conducting studies or preliminary studies for prospective areas in open areas. “

Through this scheme, KKKS do not need to incur full seismic survey costs. But it can be obtained jointly with other KKKS by obtaining a license to use survey data that has already been carried out. “Surely this is more beneficial for various parties. We hope that this effort will appeal to KKKS, as well as get the full support of the Government of Indonesia, “concluded Arief. *

Elnusa Ready to Manage Amurang LPG Depot

Jakarta, August 30, 2019 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a leading provider of energy services, continues to make efforts in realizing new business opportunities of the Company. Elnusa spurs business growth by diversifying its portfolio in the energy distribution & logistics segment, through its subsidiary PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN). The portfolio diversification step currently being taken is to take over the management of the Pressurized Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Depot in Amurang, South Minahasa.

President Director of Elnusa – Elizar P Hasibuan said, “By taking over the management of this Depot, we are confident that we will support Elnusa’s consolidated performance in the face of the complexities of the oil and gas business in the future.”

President Director of EPN – Haris Syahrudin added that initially the Amurang LPG Depot’s operational activities were managed by the previous manager. However, at present, EPN is trusted by Pertamina to take over and manage the operation of the depot with a capacity of 2 x 1000 metric tons (MT).

“With the strategic location of the depot, we are optimistic that this could become an energy HUB to support Pertamina in serving the needs of the community and to increase the resilience of LPG stocks in the Minahasa and South Minahasa regions. Going forward, we will develop an integrated depot with BBM Storage. This is in line with economic growth in the North Sulawesi region. “Added Haris.

“The synergy between Elnusa through its subsidiary EPN and Pertamina is carried out in order to build stronger, more effective and efficient business strengths of course in serving and meeting the LPG needs of the Minahasa and South Minahasa communities”. Concluded Haris. ***

Public Expose 2019: Portfolio Diversification is Key to Elnusa’s Glorious Performance

Jakarta, August 28, 2019 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a national energy service provider company, recorded the brilliant results in the first half of 2019. Consolidated income was recorded at Rp3.7 trillion or grew 29% compared to the same period the previous year which amounted to Rp2.9 trillion. Net profit also increased by 21% from Rp128 billion to Rp155 billion.

Elizar Parlindungan Hasibuan, Managing Director of Elnusa explained, “Elnusa’s performance in Semester I 2019 was the best work of consolidation of all segments both upstream, energy distribution & logistics as well as support. Diversification of business portfolios and the balance of performance between segments are key to achieving this year’s midterm performance. “

The upstream segment which contributed 43% at the end of June 2019 grew significantly supported by Production, Operation & Maintenance services both from the asset-based business and its non-asset business. The blocks that switch to Pertamina such as the Mahakam Block, the Sanga-Sanga Block and East Kalimantan also contribute significantly to the growth of the upstream segment. Geoscience & Reservoir Services recorded a much improved compared to the previous year through seismic activities carried out by Elnusa both on land seismic activities in Central Sulawesi and sea seismic which had just completed work on the waters of North Sumatra and Indochina waters in Vietnam.

The energy distribution & logistics segment as a 53% contributor to the Company’s revenue also grew convincingly. Business development in this segment has been expanded to include the acquisition of LPG depot assets in Central Sulawesi, revitalization of Pertamina’s fuel terminal assets in Belitung, business development through the Build Operate Transfer scheme of depot assets with Antam in East Halmahera and the development of a chemical business that is increasingly intensified with Pertamina as part from increasing national oil and gas resilience.

Elnusa’s improved performance is also evidenced by the improved corporate rating by Pefindo, from idA + to idAA- in the current period of 2019. This rating increase reflects the existence of Elnusa as part of Pertamina’s group in the national oil and gas service industry with diversification of services owned and supported by strong fundamentals and cash flow. Despite the volatility of oil prices and the oil and gas sector which is a capital intensive industry it still cannot be released as a risk factor for Elnusa as a whole.

These various performance improvements prove that Elnusa is more mature in wading through the industry. Elnusa, who was born on September 9, 1969, has now entered a golden age.

“With the maturity of this golden age, Elnusa is able to welcome the coming years with more confidence in realizing the dream of becoming an energy service company capable of building national capacities with various achievements and innovations and being respected internationally.” Concluded Elizar. ***