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As one of the leading energy services company in Indonesia with more than 50 years of experience in upstream and downstream oil and gas industries located in domestic and abroad, We are more than capable of finding and developing every individual’s potency.

(What is Perwira Elnusa)

Elnusa is a subsidiary of Pertamina (Persero) and nowadays the company is a part of Subholding Upstream in Pertamina. Elnusa has a unique moniker to call their employee which are known by the name “Perwira Elnusa”

Perwira stands for Pertamina Wira which is a name for employee in Pertamina Group. As its role acknowledged by the holding, Perwira Elnusa has become important and valuable asset  to expedite the vision as the leading energy service that gives total solution. This is why it is the best place for Perwira Elnusa to learn, grow, and contribute to Indonesia as a part of Total Solution team.

Why did you choose to have a career with Elnusa?
(Testimonials from Senior Staffs Representative, on behalf of Generation X worker)

Hasya Atikafaza - Marketing Analyst Strategic
Master of Management, University of Indonesia

Having started and been pursuing my career in ELNUSA is such a pleasant experience, despite most people tend to consider working in oil and gas industry are rigid and not flexible. However, I am, as a part of millennial generation, perceive that the working environment is bringing me a positive ambience and comfort. Working in this company has also empowered me to perform my job at the highest level.

Ginanjar Satria Putra – Project Leader Geodata Acquistion Land & Processing
Master of Physics, University of Indonesia

With 10 years experience working in Elnusa, there has been many opportunities and company support to self development through career path, education, hard and soft skill. In addition to that, the solidarity amongst employee and the family-like environment have been my core spirit to contribute maximally to the company.

Denaz Arfiano Azhar – Strategic Planning & Corporate
Bachelor of Accounting, Maranatha Christian University

No gap existence between one generation to another in Elnusa makes a good team work and collaboration for the best company’s result. I remembered an input given by one of my senior in Elnusa that of “the spirit of working and pursuit of happiness must be at balance”. This has been my inspiration to have my work life-balance.

Nuki Pratiwi Gunawan – Jr. Business Development
Bachelor of Oil and Gas Engineering, Trisakti University

Today the accelerated transformation in 4.0 industry is a must. In Elnusa, every Perwira Elnusa is urged to create innovation and make improvement. The portion and opportunities for every Perwira Elnusa is limitless and can be done at any given time by anyone for the significance of supporting the mission and vision of the company.


3. Working Culture in Elnusa
(Definition of AKHLAK)

Implementation of values “AKHLAK” stands for Amanah (Mandate) – Kompeten (Competent) – Harmonis (Harmonious) – Loyal – Adaptif (Adaptive) – Kolaboratif (Collaborative) has to be elnusa's core values as a subsidiary of Pertamina which is a part of BUMN (Stated-Owned Enterprises. AKHLAK becomes the identity of daily behavior and the glue of work culture in supporting the improvement of the performance of Perwira Elnusa

Recruitment Process Flow