C-EOR & Upstream Specialty Chemical Products

We are Pioneers in C-EOR Injection in Indonesia

With more than 10 years of experience in supplying upstream specialty chemicals, we also provide C-EOR & Upstream Specialty Chemical Products. It is a one-stop total solution for chemical supply & services (chemicals, manpower, equipment), and Elnusa is a pioneer in C-EOR injection in Indonesia (Polymer Flooding). With this service, Elnusa offers a comprehensive solution for Enhanced Oil Recovery (C-EOR) for such chemicals as Alkaline, Polymer and Surfactant. In addition, we offer supply & services that include developing upstream specialty products such as demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, water clarifiers, hydrogen sulphide scavengers, paraffin dispersants, pour point depressants. Our solution also covers the supply and services of upstream specialty chemicals, and we provide C-EOR services to increase and enhance oil production in an industrial contractor (K3S). Elnusa currently provides the services to several large companies, including; Pertamina Group, Exxonmobil Cepu Ltd, Star Energy (KAKAP), Medco E&P, and some other corporations.