Business Structure

Corporate Business Structure

Upstream Oil and Gas Services

PT Elnusa Geosains Indonesia (EGI)

  1. Seismic Data Acquisition (Land, Marine, and Transition Zone/TZ)
  2. Non Seismic Data Acquisition
  3. Seismic Data Processing
  4. Geology, Geophysics, & Reservoir


PT Elnusa Oilfield Services (EOS)

  1. Drilling Services
  2. Hydraulic Workover & Snubbing Services
  3. Coiled Tubbing Services
  4. Electric Wireline Logging Services
  5. Well Testing Services
  6. Cementing & Pumping Services
  7. Drilling Fluid Services
  8. Surface Testing & Drill Steam Testing Services
  9. Mud Logging & H2S Services
  10. Engineering, Procurement, & Construction
  11. Operation & Maintenance
  12. Enhance Oil Recovery
  13. Well Plug & Abandonment
  14. Artificial Lift


Distribution & Logistic Services

PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN)

  1. Management of privately owned fuel depots, ranging from administration of fuel purchases, transportation of fuel, storage of fuel and distribution of fuel at the customer's location.
  2. Fuel distribution management, fuel distribution from Pertamina depots to gas stations, Solar Oil Premium Agent (APMS) and bunker fuel refilling stations (SPBB).
  3. Management of SPBU and SPBE.
  4. Chemical Trade.
  5. Fuel Industry-Marine Trade.
  6. Lubricants and Asphalt Trade.


Oil and Gas Support Services

PT Elnusa Fabrikasi Konstruksi (EFK)

  1. Processing of raw materials.
  2. Manufacture and repair of petroleum equipment.
  3. General trading, including export, import, regional, and local.
  4. Provision of services for the oil and gas sector, namely OCTG and pipeline threading. Acting as an agent of domestic and overseas company.
  5. Maintenance services of oil and gas machinery and equipment.
  6. Design, engineering, supervision, and construction services.


PT Patra Nusa Data (PND)

  1. The licensing of data packets for the opening of conventional and non-conventional operating licenses (WK) and Pertamina Joint Operations (KSO).
  2. Re-licensing of data.
  3. Access to the use of data licensing, data reprocessing.
  4. Licensing for studies of area prospectivity.
  5. Farm in Farm out Business
  6. Closed data business.
  7. Business data management of oil and gas corporations (Corporate Data Repository).
  8. Analysis of new products (NonSeismic).
  9. Non-oil and gas data management business.
  10. Marketing products and creating markets.
  11. Product innovation (internal and external PND).


PT Sigma Cipta Utama (SCU)

  1. Storage and management of various types of documents include Magnetic Tape Storage, Document Hardcopy Storage, Geological Sample Storage, General Warehousing, Geological Sample Maintenance Services, Data Assessment, Data Storage & Library Servicing, Magnetic Media Transfering, Hardcopy Scanning
  2. Information & Communication Technology (ICT), including Data Center & Disaster Recovery Services, IT Solutions, IT Service Management (ITSM), Knowledge Management Systems (KMS), Radio (Trunking and Conventional) Telecommunication Solutions, Monitoring Control Equipment, Vessel Tracking Monitoring System , GPS Tracking.
  3. Duplicate master data in various media and data format changing.
  4. Data protection processes for the purpose of electronic data backup and recovery.


PT Elnusa Trans Samudera (ETSA)

  1. Ship rental services for oil field operations, such as tug boat rentals, crew boats, AWB and multipurpose barges.
  2. Ship rental services for seismic survey.
  3. Ship rental services for other operational purposes other than oil and gas.
  4. Dredging services include leasing dredging barge units and operations