Business Strategy

Responds To Challanges and Opportunities for the Future

All employees of the Company always show commitment to work harder, focus, discipline, consistent, and persistent in every field in order to provide the best results. This is a manifestation of the enthusiasm and work ethic within Elnusa in order to obtain optimal results. The commitment to always provide the best results is certainly not free from various business challenges. Some of the challenges faced include the following:

  1. Synergy and Alignment of Pertamina's Subsidiary Business
    This challenge is an opportunity for Elnusa to prove the superiority of its total solutions. With the motto of better, faster, safer and cheaper, Elnusa is expected to appear as a leader in every type of business in its segment, and gain the trust of the market, especially shareholders, to successfully complete important projects.
  2. Expand Foreign Market Share
    Management will always strengthen and optimize its achievements of expanding the market share abroad. This is supported by the competence and long experience by Elnusa as the main foundation.
  3. Strengthening Capability and Capacity Existing
    Investments will be continually carried out to improve the capability and capacity of Elnusa. But another important thing to do is to collaborate with various parties, especially with leading technology providers as a short-term answer for the main clients.
  4. Human Capital Capability
    The Company also pays special attention to the quality of Human Resources, which is one of Elnusa's superior assets in achieving optimal results. This was realized by the Company's commitment to all of Elnusa's personnel to actively improve their abilities both through academic education and through sharpening their skills in accordance with their fields and market demands.

To seize the opportunities in the future the Company face those challenges through various strategies. The strategic initiation is expected to have a positive impact on the Company's business. This is in line with the commitment of all Elnusa personnel to ensure that the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that has been set can be realized according to or even exceeding the target. Meanwhile, all management will always strive to design strategic strategies and policies to achieve better results than the previous one.

Based on the products and services produced, the Company develops products and services through 3 (three) business segments, which are also run by the Company's business groups, namely Upstream Oil and Gas Services, Energy Logistics & Distribution Services, and Oil and Gas Support Services

Upstream Oil and Gas Services

1. The expansion of new market share through the field of Geoscience & Reservoir Services (GRS) in Vietnam, India and Algeria. Other explorations such as in Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, and others, are still being initiated. However, all management is optimistic that Elnusa will be able to realize it.

2. Seismic survey services for the Jambi Merang Definite Work Commitment (KKP) using Elsa Regent in open areas in Indonesia have begun. Likewise the opportunities through multi-client seismic. One of the efforts is to do Master Cooperation Agreement with TGS-NOPEC.

3. The expansion in Production, Operation & Maintenance Services (POMS) business line, the expansion in Operations & Maintenance for refineries have also begun.

4. The efforts to strengthen competency, capability and capacity have also been initiated. Together with Schlumberger, Elnusa will carry out various Master Services Agreements to strengthen one another.

Energy Logistics and Distribution Services

1. Asset-based fuel terminal management has begun.  Amurang LPG Depot, North Sulawesi, is the first.  In the future, through Elnusa Petrofin, with full support from Pertamina, will continue the acquisition of infrastructure to provide energy distribution in the archipelago.

2. Elnusa will expand its chemical business to support polymer injection EOR in Tanjung Field, Tabalong Regency, South Kalimantan.

Supporting Services

1. The strength of Elnusa's business competency is supported by its strong fabrication of some equipments and by providing some oil and gas facilities.

2. Another assessment is the water treatment business for several facilities in several places. This business is also equipped with a digital value Smart Water Meter and Smart Power Meter that is being tested in PDAM Tirta Benteng City, Tangerang.

3. Penjajakan bisnis energi terbarukan melalui riset terbatas yang dilakukan secara practical research

The entire Board of Directors and management always accommodates the direction from the Board of Commissioners so that the business climate of Elnusa runs in harmony with the Company's commitment which is always strive to provide sustainable benefits for stakeholders and shareholders