Accommodation Work Barge

The First Eco-Green AWB in Indonesia

Accommodation Work Barge (AWB) is a solution from Elnusa to provide work services, such as Hydraulic Workover, Cementing and Slickline. Elnusa's accommodation barge adopts a fuel-efficient system to support worker transportation activities, such as mobilization and demobilization from barge to the platform. Elnusa has the first eco-green AWB in Indonesia, namely ELSA-8 with several advantages including:

  • Made according to European Union standards, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Euro III/Stage IIIA & Tier 3, so it is environmentally friendly and can reduce carbon emissions.
  • Using solar panels as an alternative lighting system installed in the entire engine and navigation room.
  • Specially designed with engine generators that must utilize biodiesel as an energy source.

This barge uses solar panels as an alternative lighting system. The solar panels are mounted on the top deck for lighting in all engine rooms and navigation equipment, and are designed and made by Indonesian workers to match the operational needs of Indonesia's Total E&P (TEPI) and environmentally friendly systems. This making shows that Elnusa as a national company has been able to make barge independently and make innovations while still paying attention to the sustainability of the Indonesian environment. Currently, Elnusa is trusted to provide Accommodation Work Barge services to PHM, PHE, and Total EP Indonesia. Through this service, Elnusa had received several awards, including:

  • Award from the Ministry of Research and Technology for the innovation of the Eco Green Accommodation Work Barge.
  • Award from Total EP Indonesie for achieving 15 Million Safe Working Hours without LTI.