21 September 2021

Accelerate the Implementation of Corporate Culture Transformation, EFK Inaugurates 22 Troopers AoC

Jakarta, 21 September 2021 - PT Elnusa Fabrikasi Konstruksi (EFK), a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), which is engaged in manufacturing leading oil and gas equipment and services, has inaugurated 22 people as agents of change at the "Kick-Off Agent of Change & REACH Program” which was held online, Friday (17/9). Agents of change are required to play an active role as a catalyst in the implementation and internalization of the AKHLAK value alignment in Elnusa Group through the REACH (Re-boosting System Alignment through, Communication in Harmony) program as part of the SERUM 135 program initiated by Pertamina Upstream Subholding and implemented by all consolidated ranks of subsidiaries and affiliates.

The inauguration ceremony was opened by the Director of Operations of EFK, Dani Zaenal Mutaqin, in his remarks Dani said, the basis for forming an agent of change is as the front line in accelerating cultural transformation at EFK as a form of readiness for the company's evolution in the industrial era 4.0 by implementing operation excellence.

Dani explained, "Agent of change is part of the responsibility of all current leaders to create a work culture that is more positive, creative and can produce good leaders in the future in the long term, 3 main priorities as a strategic step in realizing the company's vision and mission namely System Alignment, Effective Communication and Business Harmonization.".

EFK's agent of change structure consists of several parts, namely Culture Transform Commanders, Majors, Captains, which are filled by the board of directors to the entire management as a company commitment, while Culture Transform Troopers are entirely entrusted to 22 selected EFK millennial generations. It is hoped that EFK millennials can grow to build new cultures, new systems, and new business opportunities that are in line with current and future industrial developments with digital transformation and IoT towards the Era of Transitional Energy from Fossil Energy to New and Renewable Energy that is environmentally friendly.

The inauguration ceremony was closed by affixing virtual signatures by all agents of change as a sign of mutual commitment to the success of the new culture implementation program in the company followed by a group photo.

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