09 September 2020

51 Years Old, Elnusa Holds Social Action to Conservation of Nature

Jakarta, 9 September 2020 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) a national energy service company held a social action to conserve nature in commemoration of Elnusa's 51st anniversary. This action is one of Elnusa's CSR activities carried out in an effort to show social care for others and encourage environmental sustainability, especially in Elnusa's work environment.

Elnusa's Head of Corporate Communications, Wahyu Irfan said, “The social actions and nature preservation are part of a series of Elnusa's birthday events. In addition, these activities are a form of Elnusa's concern for the community and the environment around our work area. "

The social actions that have been carried out are quite diverse, including donations to orphans and poor people and also educational programs. In the compensation program, Elnusa targets people who are in Elnusa's work environment.

In the field of education, Elnusa holds a 51 Children Achievement Scholarship program. Previously, students who received scholarships followed the selection stage through academic report cards to meet the requirements. There were 25 elementary school students, 17 junior high school students and 9 high school students who won the scholarship for this outstanding child.

Then in the nature conservation action, Elnusa carried out a reforestation movement activity by planting more than 360 productive plants that will be distributed to eight points in Elnusa's operational areas throughout Indonesia by involving employees and local residents. The purpose of this activity is a form of Elnusa's support for government programs in greening the environment. "In these scattered areas, it is targeted that each area will plant 51 seedlings according to Elnusa's age this year." Revelation added.

In addition to planting productive plants in designated areas, Elnusa also invites all employees to volunteer for reforestation by buying free seeds and planting these seeds in the land or in their own pots. This is done as an effort to motivate Elnusa employees specifically how important it is to preserve nature and the environment.

Apart from the social action and nature preservation above, as part of the 51st anniversary series, Elnusa will also hold the inauguration of the Gunung Sitoli LPG Filling Station (SPBE), Nias, as well as the launch of the new face of the Elnusa website.

"We express our gratitude and give our highest appreciation for the cooperation and support to all parties involved in this social activity so that it can be carried out properly. Hopefully all the fatigue that has been poured out and the contributions that have been given can have a good impact and benefits for the community and the environment as well as Elnusa. " Wahyu concluded.


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