We Are The One and Only National Company That Possesses Combined Competencies In Oil & Gas Services

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53 Years

Has Recorded 53 Years of Operation To Support Indonesia Oil & Gas Exploration & Production, As Well As Distibution And Support Services

32.215 Km

Supported In Giant Discovery's Effort, Marine 2D Exploration Jambi Merang Over 103,8% From Target 30.000 KM

40 Years

More Than 40 Years of Support For Oil & Gas Management at Mahakam Block As One of Main National Oil & Gas Fields

1.803 Units

Managed More Than 1.800 Fuel Logistics Transportation In Various Regions of Indonesia by Prioritizing Quality, Timeliness, Security and Safety Aspects

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Drilling & Oilfield Services

By striving for faster and more efficient process through efficient drilling and moving system


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Vincent Duignan

Vincent Duignan

GM of Soco Exploration Vietname Ltd

Thank you so much for the very successful survey and we hope Elnusa and SOCO Vietnam work together again in the future. This survey passes through many obstacles such as weather issues and activity efficiency, but together we have worked well together to pass through the existing obstacles to complete the work on time with a good safety record and equipped with good data quality. I am very happy with the performance of your crew who work very cooperatively with our representatives. And this is not a regular operator-contractor relationship, but rather working as a team to successfully manage the work with the obstacles we encounter during the work.