Elnusa Supports Smart City Water Management in Tangerang City Based on IoT

Tangerang, 25 February 2019 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), developed a smart water meter and smart power meter to support water management in Tangerang City. This internet of things (IoT) based system is a solution to reduce the level of water loss or non-revenue water (NRW) of water supply companies and make it easier for people to regulate water use at home.

Elnusa’s Director of Business Development, Arief Riyanto said, “We developed this technology to facilitate monitoring of water distribution both on the water supply company and the community. Through this system, water supply companies can monitor in real-time and online the distribution process, the level of water loss can be controlled and water management is better “.

Elnusa works with PT Moya Tangerang as a water producer, and PDAM Tirta Benteng Kota Tangerang, which is a clean water distribution business unit for the people of Tangerang City, in supporting this smart city for water management. This cooperation is stated in a proof of concept (PoC) agreement, located in the PDAM office, Tangerang City, today.

“This partnership is a synergy between the government and companies to improve services to the public. IOT technology development that we do, is the willingness to support the smart city in Indonesia, and starting in Tangerang city “, said Arief.

There are five advantages to IoT technology that are being developed, namely the trend in water requirements can be estimated in real-time and online; water loss can be monitored quickly and precisely; water management at saturation time can be mitigated; make it possible to determine the water selling value based on the time of use; and for the community, this system facilitates monitoring water use at home.

“Elnusa through its total solution continues to develop various innovations to increase national capacity. Smart water meter and smart power meter are solutions that we offer to facilitate the management of water supply to customers. We hope this IoT technology can support the improvement of service to the community, “Arief concluded. *