Integrated Scholarship
The Company provided integrated scholarship that includes giving scholarships, mentoring academic achievement, leadership development and spiritual guidance to students who come from low-income families as the Company’s concern for education.
In 2017, the average of Integrated Scholarship beneficiaries was 59 students.

Taman Belajar Elnusa
This kindergarten provided free educational service that implements a learning system based on a combination of several nationally accredited curriculum. Intensive activities of this kindergarten were Early Childhood Education in the form of integrated Islamic kindergarten, Al-Quran Learning Center and General Kindergarten Patra Baitul Hikmah. In 2017, the average of beneficiaries was 295 students.

Scholarships for Excellent Students
Coinciding with its 48th anniversary, the Company continued to provide scholarships to sons/daughters of employees and office services that had excellent achievement. This year, the Company provided scholarships to 41 excellent children.

Ramadhan at Elnusa
This program was one of the CSR activities of the Company’s Muslim employees preference who held a full month in the Holy Month of Ramadhan. Through
this program, the Company seeks to improve the behavior and performance of employees based on Islamic values. Not only Islamic education in the form of lectures, but also other activities such as breaking the fast with people around Graha Elnusa, tarawih prayer in congregation and even retreat (itikaf) in the mosque during the last ten nights of Ramadhan.

School Development
The Company and subsidiaries supported the education by developing school in many areas. This effort conducted by improving quantity and quality of facility and equipment in the school. In 2017, we support 42 beneficiaries.