Vision, Mission & Value


“Trusted Energy Services Company”


  • Expand business from Integrated upstream oil & gas services to energy services.
  • Create a stable business growth that fulfills the expectation of Shareholders, followed by human resources competence development and the mastering of energy services-related technologies.
  • Achieve and maintain customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products based on the principles of Operational Excellence and Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE).
  • Maintain a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship with the Government, partners, and the society.

Corporate Values

  1. Clean
    Possess integrity, commitment, and dependability in carrying out every business activity of the Company.
  2. Respectful
    Is trusted among the business communities and the surroundings communities for having a competence and high spirit in the field, in completing work quickly and accurately, in understanding customers’ needs, in providing the best service to achieve employee satisfaction, and in making occupational safety as the highest priority in carrying out every activity.
  3. Synergy
    Proactively develop relationships with customers, partners, communities, employees, and shareholders.