1969 The Company was established as PT Electronika Nusantara based on the Deed of Establishment
No. 18 dated 25 January 1969.
1971-1974 The Company started to explore the possibilities for doing business in the oil & gas industry by forming the Seismic Data Processing Division. The Company also  launched the Scientific Data Center,  Integrated  Oil Communication System (IOCS), seismic data acquisition, reservoir stimulation services, and oil services especially refinery process optimization.
1980-1987 The Company continued its business expansion to the oil & gas data storage and management, oilfield services, and domestic fuel distribution, through the establishment of PT Sigma Cipta Utama, PT Elnusa Workover Hydraulic, and PT  Elnusa  Petrofin.  In  1984  the  Company’s  name 
PT  Electronika Nusantara changed to PT Elnusa.
2003-2005 The Company reinforced its position in the oil & gas industry by establishing PT  Elnusa  Drilling  Services,  engaged  in  integrated  drilling  services,  and acquired PT Purna Bina Nusa, subsequently  named  as PT Elnusa Fabrikasi Konstruksi based in Batam.
2007 In order to be more focused as an integrated  upstream oil & gas services provider, the Company merged four of its subsidiaries, namely: PT Elnusa Geosains, PT Elnusa Drilling Services, PT Sinar Riau Drillindo, serta PT Elnusa Workover Services.
2009-2010 The  Company  divested  its  shares  in  various  companies  that  were  not directly related to the Company’s core business to strengthen its footing in the oil & gas services industry.
2011-2012 The  Company carried out the turnaround program  to improve its overall performance as regards business aspect, operations, and corporate culture implementation.
2013 The Company proclaimed this year to be the “Year of Human Resources” and  established PT Elnusa  Trans  Samudera  (ETSA). The  Company  also redefined its vision & mission and reinforced its  position as an Energy Services provider followed by a change of the Company’s logo.
2014 The  Company  strengthened  operational level, organization,  and  internal control functions as well as evaluated and redefinined all product/ services of the Company. In addition the Company established PT Elnusa Geosains Indonesia and PT Elnusa Oilfield Services as part of company’s risk mitigation