Cooperating with Schlumberger, Elnusa Strengthens Integrated Upstream Oil & Gas Service Line

Jakarta, December 10, 2018 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a energy reputable energy services company, signed a partnership with Schlumberger to optimize competencies and resources in integrated upstream oil and gas services. The agreed agreement forms are Master Cooperation Agreement (MCA) and Wireline Master Service Agreement (Wireline MSA) for five-year duration. The signing of this collaboration was witnessed by Dharmawan Samsu, Upstream Director of PT Pertamina (Persero), at this afternoon.

Tolingul Anwar, President Director of Elnusa stated, “There are three big goals in this collaboration, namely increasing national capacity in upstream oil and gas services, transferring the technology in it, and sharing opportunities & risks to improve mutual growth. To achieve this, partnerships are needed in accelerating performance agility in the current era.”

Elnusa and Schlumberger agreed on five service lines in MCA, namely reservoir characterization, drilling, production, surface production and integrated services. As a first step, both parties agreed to continue with the signing of the MSA wireline.

“Elnusa is part of the Pertamina group, and Pertamina currently has the opportunity to manage several expired oil and gas working areas. Of course this management needs a service contractor, and Elnusa hopes to get a greater opportunity in the context of the synergy of Pertamina Group. Whereas Schlumberger, has technology and resources that can be optimized for this management. This cooperation will certainly be mutually beneficial for all parties, “Tolingul added.

Meanwhile, Ronny Hendrawan, Managing Director of Schlumberger said, “We are confident that the 33 years of cooperation will be expanded and strengthened, to keep contributing in reducing cost/Bbl, maximizing the recovery of oil and gas fields, and supporting government exploration program for “Giant Fields” in Indonesia. “

Elnusa believes this collaboration will increasingly emphasize the position as a national energy services company in providing total solutions to customers. Diversification of portfolios in integrated upstream oil and gas services, energy distribution & logistics and supporting services, will increase the better services value for clients. ***