Geoscience Services acquires, processes and stores data obtained by seismic-based methods and equipment employed and operated on land, in transition zone (shallow water/mangroves) and deep sea. Being the pioneer in geoscience services in Indonesia Elnusa controls a major of geophysics operations in local market.

Drilling Services provides integrated drilling solution which includes drilling management, drilling equipment procurement and provision. Elnusa proud to own and operate Asia Pacific's first fully-automatic Modular Rig. Elnusa also provides land drilling support services such as wireline logging, cementing and oil & gas well testing, and products evaluation service.

Oilfield Services operates and maintains oil & gas fields and wells, EPC-M and O&M pipelines and production facilities, and oil gas production handling. Our business lines has been trusted by loyal multinational customers for 25 years, continued with our best equipment. Oil & gas fields maintenance in various areas in Indonesia, be it on land, in rivers or at offshore.

PT. Elnusa Petrofin
PT. Elnusa Fabrikasi Konstruksi
PT. Patra Nusa Data
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PT. Elnusa CGGVeritas Seismic
PT. Patra Telekomunikasi Indonesia

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